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ATC CNC Router

Brake pad friction testing machine

CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

Computer controlled electronic universal testing machine

Constant Speed Friction Testing Machine

Crane dynamic stiffness tester CDS-1

Crane Girder Deflection & Chamber Tester

CTI-A Muti-function crane performance tester

door shock testing machine

Electric and Pneumatic torque wrench calibration system

elevator acceleration & deceleration measuring tool

Elevator lift door pinch force tester

elevator overspeed governor inspection tool

elevator overspeed Governor Tester

elevator overspeed Governor testing equipment

elevator ride quality Analysis

Elevator Ride Quality Analyzer

EPT-3 Escalators and Moving Walks Performance Tester

escalator handrail speed tester

Escalator handrail steps synchronization tester

escalator steps load testing machine

escalator steps speed tester

escalator/moving walk brake distance tester

escalator/moving walk running speed tester

Escalators and Moving Walks handrail step synchronization tester

Escalators and Moving Walks synchronization and anti-reversal protection tester

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

FLT-1 Fork arm natural slip & Mast tilt angle tester

girder natural frequency analyzer

glass door shock tester

HCR-1 Crane hydraulic cylinder retraction tester

Hight speed lift Overspeed Governor Tester

hydraulic torque wrench

IDTW Intelligent Digital Torque Wrench

Krauss friction testing machine

Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Laser Parallel Roll Alignment Tool RPC-1

Laser Pulley alignment Tool

laser sheave aligment tool

Laser straightness measuring tool

Laser straightness measuring tool for bar and pipe

Laser verticality measuring tool

Lift acceleration & deceleration tester

Lift Balance Factor measuring equipment

Lift Balance Factor Tester

Lift brake testing

Lift car wall and hoist-way distance Tester

lift door closing force measuring tool

Lift Door Deformation Tester

Lift Door Impact Tester

Lift door pendulum impact

Lift Elevator Balance Factor Tester

Lift guide rail distance and coplanarity tester

Lift overspeed governor tester

Lift overspeed governor testing bench

Lift overspeed governor testing machine

Lift Ride Quality Analyzer

Lift traction wheel friction coefficient testing

lift vibration analyzer

Lift vibration and noise analyzer

lift vibration measuring tool

lift vibration tester

Lift Wire Rope Tension gauge

Lift Wire Rope Tension meter

Lift Wire Rope Tension Tester WT-1

Metal CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Moving Walks handrail pallet synchronization tester

Online measuring system for straightness and coaxiality

Plasma Cutting Machine


QJ-1 Crane Wheels Tolerance Tester

Reference torque wrench

Standard lever

steps and pallets load fatigue testing machine

torque multiplier calibration system

Torque sensor

Torque wrench calibration machine

Vibration Knife Cutting Machine


wire rope torsion testing


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