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EB-1 Lift brake testing machine

  • EB-1

  • YUXI


The Lift brake is an important part of the lift traction machine. The statistical analysis of lift accidents shows that most of the serious safety accidents that occur when the lift hit ceiling or squat are from the failure of the lift brake.

This machine is mainly used for assembly test and test of electromagnetic brake products.



˖ Vertical frame structure, the servo hydraulic cylinder drives the slide table to move up and down to achieve the approach and distance of the lower pressure plate and the sample.

˖ High-precision load cell to accurately measure the test force.

˖ The parallelism of the indenter and the bottom of the upper crossbeam is guaranteed to be within 0.04mm, which ensures the test accuracy.

Deformation measurement system

˖ Adopt laser non-contact sensor to measure brake air gap and deformation.

˖ Installed in pairs, measuring air gap on both sides simultaneously.

˖ The effective range is 20mm, the resolution: 0.002mm, the accuracy of the whole display value: not more than 0.01mm.

Software system

˖ Meet the technical process and testing requirements of online testing.

˖ Brake power on and off function, voltage and current adjustment function, fall test function, brake micro-motion test function can be realized.

˖ The software system integrates QR code printing function, you can get the test parameters and serial number of each unit by scanning the code.

Control System

˖ Full digital computer control system.

˖ Control mode: force control, displacement control, can be smoothly switched.

˖ Current and voltage control: the computer directly controls the brake voltage or current.

˖ The computer screen displays the test data, and automatically performs data storage and data processing.

˖ The computer draws the test force-deformation curve, and automatically calculates and controls the data of each feature point.

˖ Printer prints test report.


Max testing force:50 kN

Force accuracy:2 % ~ 100 %    ±1 %

Cylinder stroke:150mm resolution: 0.001 mm

Laser sensor:Range 30mm resolution 0.002

Compression test space:400 mm

Distance between columns:1000 mm

Loading speed:Process no than 50 mm/min,Return no than 100 mm/min

Dimension:1300×700×1650 mm

Control cabinet dimension:600×800×1800 mm

Weight:2300 kg