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EPT-4 Escalators and Moving Walks Performance Tester



It is used for measuring handrail belt, steps and pallets speed,start and brake acceleration,stopping distance ,as well as handrail belts and step/pedal speed synchronization rate of escalators and moving walks. It can also test the escalator/moving walks handrail belt deviation protection function and overspeed and anti-reversal protection function.



l   Measuring the speed of two handrail belts and steps/pallets at the same time.

l  Test the speed deviation protection function of handrails of the escalator/moving walks.

l  Test overspeed protection and anti-reversal protection function of escalator and moving walks.

l   According to the speed data of the handrail belts of both sides and pallets of escalators/moving walks, 7-inch intelligent terminal automatically calculate the synchronization rate and speed deviation, braking deceleration, average speed, stopping distance, overspeed protection response time,Anti - reversal protection action response time etc.

l  Wireless data transmission is adopted between the intelligent terminal and the main control box.

l  Setting parameters on colour touch screen. automatically display test results, easy to operate.

l  Two trigger mode selection

l  Running direction correction function

l  On-site Bluetooth printing function


Speed range: 0.2-9.99 m/s (1-9999 rpm)

Speed accuracy: 1%

Speed resolution: 0.001m/s (1 rpm)

Overspeed protection speed range: 09.99m/s

Unintentional reversal protection speed range: 09.99m/s

Display: 7 inch colour touch screen,Hand input.

Operation System: Wince 6.0, Support SD Card

Battery: DC 12V Built-in lithium battery

Driver power: 11kW

Driver power supply: AC 380V

Operation temperature: -10-50℃

Operating humidity: ≤95%RH



Intelligent digital terminal  1pcs ,

Speed sensors 3 sets (Handrail belts speed sensor with fixture,non-sucker)

Data collector 1pcs ,

Antennas 2pcs,

Data cable 1pcs

Driver 1pcs


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