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LSM-01 Laser straightness measuring tool

  • LSM-01
  • YUXI


    Installation, debugging and inspection of elevator guide rail, linear guide rail, machine tool, crane and large equipment and work-piece.

Functions and Features

  •  Laser transmitters and reflector with a variety of mounting interfaces for easy attachment and connection

  • Quick installation, easy to use, accurate measurement

  • With magnetic base, this tool can be mounted magnetically on most steel surfaces.

  • The tool is small and easy to carry. Total weight is less than 3Kg.

  • Chart indicates deviations from each point.

  • Measurement value resolution is accurate to 1 micron

  • Real-time display analytical data and data tables

  • Export data files in "Excel" format

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use

  • Simultaneous measurement of straightness deviation in the horizontal direction (X-axis) and vertical direction (Y-axis)


Our company serves the well-known Special equipment testing institutions; lift and escalator manufacturers; lift,escalator and crane installation and maintain companies all the year round. 



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