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LVM-1 Laser verticality measuring tool



Machine tool equipment, processing center, engineering construction, equipment installation.


* Equipped with magnetic base, it can be mounted on most steel surfaces.

* This tool is small and easy to carry, and the overall weight is less than 3kg.

* Quick installation, simple operation, accurate measurement.

* Friendly user interface, easy to use, intuitive, convenient and flexible.

* Real-time display of analysis data and data tables.

* The chart displays the verticality angle and deviation distance value.

* The measurement value resolution is accurate to 10 microns.

* Data files can be exported to "Excel" format.

* The laser transmitter and laser receiver provide a variety of installation interfaces for easy fixation and connection.

* With the beam deflector, the verticality deviation can be detected by measuring 2 positions in each direction (e.g. x, y).

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