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Lift Balance Factor Tester LBC-2

Lift Balance Factor Tester is used for testing the balance factor of lift. It is suitable for on-site inspection of lift by testing companies, lift installation and maintenance companies etc.
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    Lift Balance Factor Tester  is used for testing the balance factor of lift. By measuring the drive motor power and car speed of no-loading lift ascending and descending, calculate the lift balance factor based on the functional relationship between power, speed and load.

     Compared with the load method and other measurement method,no load is required in measurement. It is more simple and convenient.

     It is suitable for on-site inspection of lift by testing companies, lift installation and maintenance companies etc. 


  • Power method without loading.

  • Measuring the lift balance factor without any load.Quick and easy.

  • Measuring time is less than 5 minutes.

  • Automatically calculate the balance factor and save the historical test data.

  • It has data view, delete, export and other functions.

  • Measurements can be made with/without machine room. It can measure velocity/displacement, power separately.

  • Win CE operation system, Color touch screen is not affected by electromagnetic interference in the machine room.

  • The current clamp does not need to distinguish the current direction.

  • The voltage probe does not need to distinguish the phase sequence

  • Installation is convenient and quick.

  • Powered by high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, continuous use time is not less than 4 hours

  • Intelligent curve analysis real-time display, manual comparison of measurement results.

  • Support mobile APP, on-site Bluetooth printing.

  • With USB interface, it can be used for data export management and software upgrade.



  • Factor accuracy: ±0.02

  • Measuring range (traction power): 1-30kW

  • Voltage measuring range: ≤AC 500V

  • Current measuring range: ≤AC 50A

  • Current /Power accuracy: 0.5%

  • Lift velocity range: 0-99m/s

  • Velocity/displacement accuracy: 1%

  • Current clamp measure frequency: 5-65Hz

  • Display: 7 inch colour touch screen

  • Operation temperature: -10-50℃

  • Battery: DC 12V Built-in lithium battery

  • Data capacity: >1000 groups

  • Power: AC 220V



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