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Lift Ride Quality Analyzer Ride Q-3



This instrument is used for analyzing the ride quality of lift and escalator, such as  acceleration,deceleration,vibration, noise. It can also be used in other situations where acceleration, vibration and  noise need to be measured. This instrument fully complies with ISO 18738 and ISO 8041 international standards.


    ISO 18738, ISO 8041,GB/T 24474


l   Measure maximum velocity, A95 velocity

l   Measure maximum acceleration, A95 acceleration, maximum deceleration, A95 deceleration

l   Measure the vibration peak-to-peak value of X, Y and Z axes

    Measure Vibration peak-to-peak value of A95

l   Measure running speed, distance and time

l   Measure Jerk

l   Measure noise

l   Color touch screen operation, handwritten input information

l   WINCE Operation system,This instrument can be used independently.

    Support PC online operation, mobile phone APP operation, Bluetooth printing, etc

l   Parameter setting

l  Delay running

l  Trigger mode selection

l  Run time Settings

l  Curve analysis



l  Acceleration range: ±2g (3 axes)

l  Acceleration accuracy: ≤2%

l  Color touch screen:3.5 inch

l  Sampling frequency: 500Hz

l  Noise range: 35-130dB

l  Noise measurement accuracy: 0.5dB

l  Battery: DC 12V Built-in lithium Batteries

l  Storage capacity: 8 GB

l  Operation temperature: -10-50℃



Analyzer 1 set,

Bluetooth Printer 1pcs,

Charger 2 pcs,

Sound level meter 1 pcs



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