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Lift Door pinch force Tester Model:DIT-1

Lift Door Impact Tester is used for measuring the pinch force of the lift door.
  • DIT-1
  • YUXI


     Lift Door pinch force Tester is mainly used for the measurement of the force to prevent the elevator door closing and the kinetic energy of the elevator door, as well as force measurement.

It is suitable for on-site lift inspection companies, lift installation,also applicable to online inspection and maintenance of maintenance companies.



  • Integration of measuring unit and control unit

  • Automatically measure the lift closing force and analyze the kinetic energy of the lift closing

  • Threshold setting function

  • Calibration function

  • Data browsing, viewing, deletion, etc.

  • Clock function

  • Data export function. Test data can be exported to a computer (special software required) for saving and printing


  • Range: 0-1000N   

  • Accuracy:  ±3N   

  • Resolution: 0.1N   

  • Spring modulus: 44.31 N/mm

  • Sensor gap width: >200mm

  • Display: 1.4 inch blue screen

  • Operating temperature: -10-50 °C

  • Battery : DC12V Built-in lithium battery


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