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Crane Girder Deflection & Chamber Tester GDC-1

  • GDC-1

  • YUXI


This tester is used for measurement of camber,static deflection and other performance of crane girder. It is small and easy to carry, high measurement accuracy, stable work and easy operation.It can also be used for deformation measurement of other large equipment and large objects.



  • Fixed-point measurement, which can complete camber and deflection measurement without moving the instrument. It’s convenient for on-site operation.

  • The deflection and camber can be measured without the installation of target and marking on the tested object.

  • The instrument adopts telephoto imaging system, which can observe the measured target from a long distance.

  • Measurement information is automatically collected by the instrument, no manual input required.

  • The instrument uses a high-precision absolute encoder to ensure measurement at any angle without affecting the accuracy of the measurement.

  • The instrument uses a high-precision rangefinder to ensure the accuracy of the ranging data.

  • Control by hand-held control box, friendly user interface, simple operation, no need to use laptop on site

  • Camber and deflection data can be stored in 100 groups respectively.

  • The measurement data can be exported into the computer for analysis and processing in the computer



  • Camber measurement deviation:  0.5mm

  • Deflection measurement deviation: 0.5mm

  • Distance measuring range: 0.5-100m

  • Distance measurement deviation: ≤1mm

  • Angular accuracy: 2”

  • Weight:<7kg

  • Display: 2.6 inch LCD

  • Battery: DC 12V Lithium battery

  • Laser power: <1mW

  • Laser wavelength: 620-690nm

  • Operation temperature: -10-50

  • Operation humidity: <90%