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Lift overspeed governor testing bench OGTB-1

  • OGTB-1
  • YUXI


     Lift overspeed governor testing bench is used for testing the linear velocity of governor tension pulley and response time of governor tripping.

     It is suitable for inspection of lift governor by testing companies, lift installation companies, as well as online testing of lift and overspeed governor manufacturers.



  • Speed and force measurement(Two in one). Measuring response time of electric safety device and safety gear, the pulling force of the overspeed governor, etc.

  • This testing bench can test overspeed governor of different diameters by adjusting the motor bracket assembly and slide rails.

  • Special laptop holder: adjustable in various angular positions, convenient and flexible.

  • Data export function: test data can be exported for saving and printing, etc.

  • Drive motor speed can be adjusted automatically

  • The drive motor can change the direction of rotation



  • Speed range: 0.5-9.99m/s

  • Speed resolution:0.001m/s

  • Speed accuracy: 1%

  • Maximum speed of drive motor: 5000rpm

  • Maximum pulling force: 5000N

  • Pulling force resolution:1N

  • Reduction ration: 1:30

  • Operation temperature: -10-50℃

  • Power: AC 220V


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